Théâtre de Liège - Salle des pieds Légers
Du 7 au 21.11.2021">
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From 7.11.2021 to 21.11.2021
Du 7 au 21.11.2021
Guillaume Marmin
Guillame Marmin’s installation is a matrix of 120 LED projectors, which were specifically designed to emit straight beams that sculpt the space and draw moving architectures. In dialogue with Philippe Gordiani’s music, a common language emerges between geometrical abstraction and electronic percussion. The device creates seemingly palpable sound and visual spectrums that physically engage the visitor, who is surrounded by a constantly changing space.

Conception Guillaume Marmin

Composition sonore Philippe Gordiani

Direction technique Maël Pinard

Production Yam

Avec le soutien du Club des Entreprises Partenaires du Théâtre de Liège